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Today’s entry is about Gordon Biersch Brewery.

Gordon Biersch is an American Brewery started by Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch. They started this brewery back in 1988 in Palo Alto, California. Their current brewery and bottling plant is located in San Jose, California.

Gordon Biersch brew their beer in the German-style of brewing in accordance to the German Law of Purity of 1516, Reinheitsgebot. To read click here,

Gordon Biersch features five styles of beer along with a seasonal brew. These five styles are Bock (Blonde Bock at 7%, Maibock at 7.3%, and Winterbock at 7.5%) Hefenweizen (5.5%), Kolsch (SommerBrau at 4.8%), Marzen (5.8%), and Pilsner (Czech-style at 5.2%), and their Seasonal (FiestBier at 5.6%) With Marzen being the more popilar of the five. Also Gordon Biersch offers many different styles along with their staple five.

Personally I like Gordon Biersch beers, particularly the Maiock. If you have the opportunity, I recommend tasting Gordon Biersch. If your not a fan of beer at least go to their brewpubs and have their garlic fries.